Friday, October 31, 2008

New Counselor!

Happy Halloween campers!! Hope you were all had as much frights and fun as Tommy and I did. We has so much fun that Tommy will be staying as my co-camp counselor year-round!


Portrait of your hosts in their natural environment...

Photo courtesy of Rad Dudes
In celebration, here's a spooky ass song from Tokyo's Metalchicks, made of equal parts Sugar Yoshinaga (Buffalo Daughter), Yuka Yoshimura (OOIOO).

Metalchicks- Unbreakable Bond That Ties Two


Anonymous said...

WOW! What you guys did here at all month has to be the most prolific and best Halloween a blog has ever had!! Ended in such good taste with a Sleepaway Camp screenshot of Mel the camp owner/perv! Touched on so much great music and movies, thank you! I really appreciated it and I'm sure others did too! Return Of The Living Dead, Boogeyman, Pieces, Arachnaphobia, Chopping Mall, Burial Ground, Zombie, House, you touched on so many of my dvd collection favs + so much more plus so many rare italo gems!! Thanks again

okay_awright said...

love your cars :D

Anonymous said...

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