Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ghost Exits

Ghost Exits is an on again/off again synth punk duo from Brooklyn, NY. They released a highly sought after e.p. on Social Registry back in 2003. They mix a very raw, lo-fi blend of dubbed out post-punk beats with a leaning towards early electro. These guys were hot in the early 00's, playing with likes of !!!, ESG, James Chance & The Warlocks. Somehow, every Halloween I'm reminded of this wicked track and always intend to work it into a "Suspiria" themed mixtape. Maybe this year!!!

Ghost Exits - She is Beyond Good and Evil


Chris said...

I'm pretty sure the guy from ghost exits who isn't in Vietnam is dead.

Which is terribly unfortunate.

tommy boy said...
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tommy boy said...

Geez - you had me freaking out there for a second. I spoke w/ Chris from Ghost Exits and he said both he and Ivan are alive and well and are in the process of creating new material.

Needless to say, I'm very pleased to say your information is wrong.

Mikey said...

Cincinnati Riot Blues. Word.

Anonymous said...

it is true this band is the greatest and it is too bad they don't play more often.