Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome Campers

Welcome Camp Arawa campers. For the rest of the month I along with dark wizard of the internets Tommy Boy will be turning the lights down low and seeing what lurks in the dark. Enjoy yourself. And watch your back.

Lets start things off with Angela's Theme from Sleepaway Camp. Frankie Vinci recorded this with an old Casio, an electric guitar and a four track and ended up with Goblin for AM radio.

Frankie Vinci- Angela's Theme


0x0x0 said...

I can't believe you posted this track.I actually dubbed this off of VHS to cassette years ago because I had to have it.I love how he chose to make it an ode to Angela it's so lovingly dedicated you fully believe no other boy could love "her" more,just what he's been looking for.

seandonson said...

Maybe he only saw the first half of the movie.