Sunday, October 19, 2008

Body Rock

I found this amazing album at the local thrift by Johan Timman It's a perfectly epic Moog infused electronic freak out. This isn't your "Switched on Bach" moog record, rather a catchy and well composed sci-fi odyssey through the internal organs of a synthesized body. As with most electronic pioneering composers of this era, the record can meander and arrive at dead ends, but for the most part it's a solid LP. I recommend scouting it out. This one of the standout tracks off "Trip Into The Body"

Johan Timman - Trip into the Body - The Blood

Check out the video for "Lungs", also on the LP

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seandonson said...

So weird... I was gonna post "The blood cells and the antibodies (look out for the kiler)". Heck. I still am.