Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a Cat

What happened to these kinds of movies? When did they die? When did our attention spans become too short to watch films made up of short stories?

Creepshow, Cats Eye, Nightmares, The Twilight Zone Movie, Tales From the Darkside the Movie... I grew up on these movies and you know what? I miss em. George Romero and Stephen King are rumored to be working on a Creepshow remake/sequel but honestly, we know how that'll turn out. We need some new blood in there to work a little magic and bring something new to the genre. Any takers out there?

Kuruki- Just a Cat


shermstixx said...

I don't watch too many horror movies, but my roomate rented this one called hell's ground which was pretty cool... it's a pakistani horror/slasher movie... a lot like the ones you'd find here in the 80s... bad teenagers smoking weed and being hunted down by psychos...
pretty sweet.
; )
have a happy halloween, man!
I might bust out the corpsepaint again this year and go as king diamond... again... even though I've done that like 5 times...
I must say though, I do look pretty terrifying in the corpsepaint... I also have a big gray hooded cloak that I'll certainly be rocking tonight. werd. anyway- good tunes and excellent job on the halloween posts! I don't think I've seen halloween spirit like that since I was little.
kudos to you (two).
worship him,

; )

Unknown said...

Masters of horror`s first season is quite enjoyable.
Some episodes of S2 as well