Sunday, October 26, 2008


We have another lovely addition to our October blog posts from the Dark Prince of media collage, OWLEYES. I am so excited to share this guy with the readers of ARAWA. He hails from the same collective occult consciousness as fellow Houstonian and previous ARAWA poster, Tense. I don't know what they're feeding dem boys in HTX, but it's toxic. I've been watching this internet celebrity's star rise higher and higher over the past several years. Seems like he's been having shows all over the place. I'm especially pleased with his work and collaboration with the Show Cave gallery in LA. His imagery is perfect for this month's theme. Elements of mysticism and horror mixed with surreal symmetry sublimely subject the audience to ritualistic dark magic through the optical ingestion of his work. Enough of my lame attempt to describe this amazing artist. See for yourself -

Here are a few of Owl Eye's Collage pieces. Hauntingly gorgeous, no?


This is a film he made about a crazed bunch of drugged out teens who think they are zombies. Perfect. And here's a still from that flick

I love that he submitted this image and next reference. I actually sharked this picture below a year ago from him cause it's so boss. I had totally forgotten about the show he says it came from. Apparently this is from "The Mirror" episode from Groovy Goolies. This reminds me how much I miss saturday mornings.

Groovy Goolies Show intro

I'm really glad he included this next Halloween treat. I'd completely forgotten about this Youtube gem.

Indian Thriller (The Original Version)

Owl Eyes also recommends tracking down this awesome documentary a friend of his did, called "Saint Death: La Santa Muerte"

It's about a rapidly growing cult in Mexico that worships a female grim reaper. Considered a saint by the worshipers and satanic by the Catholic Church. The movie investigates the origins of the occult as it tours the alters, jails, and neighborhoods in Mexico where the saint's most devoted followers can be found. Watch the trailer on the website. It's really great. Here's a still from the movie:

and last but not least, Ba Robertson - "Sucker For Your Love" from the cult classic "Monster Club"

This last one's really just a teaser. I'll have more on "Monster Club" in an upcoming Vincent Price related post.

I want to thank OWLEYES again for taking time to share his thoughts on the Halloween spirit and for illuminating ARAWA readers with his artistic vision.

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Anonymous said...

here is the version of indian thriller that i know- pretty scary!

cheers for all the halloween themed tunes- a few i've already earmarked for playing out this weekend!

respect from Paisley. Scotland