Wednesday, October 29, 2008


American Werewolf in London AKA Best movie ever.

The Howling

Silver Bullet

The Company of Wolves


And for post viewing, a little synthpop gem from '84 that asks a really stupid question.

Nicolai- Why Do the Wolves Wanna Kill Me?

Cuz you're tasty.


tommy boy said...

Sean - Dude, you're on it. I'm so glad you touched on all of these. I especially like the Silver Bullet reference. How far Gary and Corey have fallen. Sad. I wasn't a fan of "Wolf" w/ Jack and Michelle, but it did have some good sequences. I think it might deserve honorable mention at least. And even though Teen Wolf isn't really horror, it's right up there with the rest of these. Are we even coming close to defining what Halloween means to us restless types? I think not. Always next year

seandonson said...

This isn't going to win me any fans but... I watched Teen Wolf in May, first time in probably 15 years. And well, I was bored. Straight up bored. It just didnt hold up. Maybe I wasn't in the mood or something but it was just bad. Maybe the cartoon's still good though.

Forgot about Wolf, nothing with Spader can be all bad.

tommy boy said...

Trust me, if you were bored with the movie, the cartoon is excruciating. I know cause I picked up a VHS copy at the thrift store. The only worth while bit is the intro sequence. So, yeah, I hear ya. However, I think I'll never stop loving Michael J Fox. I'm a bigger fan of "Secret of My Success" than anything else. Nostalgia often gets in the way of my better judgement.

True dat on the Spader comment. Tuff Turf - nuff said