Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gatekeeper's been making quite a stir in the blogging netherworld as of late and for good reason. Taking all the right queues from people like Goblin and John Carpenter they've created something new, disturbing and still danceable. The sinister sound of strangulation by cords and wires, blood spattered synths and drum machines playing to dark and empty rooms, gothic choirs echoing down neverending hallways and soft scratching behind closed doors.


Gatekeeper- Final Approach
Gatekeeper- Mirrors
Gatekeeper- Tides
Gatekeeper- Wave Design

If you're in the Chicago area I wouldn't miss this one...

And for fun, how about the trailer to one of my fave horror movies as a kid, The Gate.


tommy boy said...

Sean, I hit "The Gate" up earlier in my B-Horror Movie Trailers pt 1 post. I don't know why, but that movie has always stuck with me. I loved the stop motion animation in it. And the whole levitation sequence led to a well established childhood belief that the "light as a feather..." trick really worked.

seandonson said...

Maybe youre just a huge Stephen Dorff fan?

I totally forgot that you'd already that up! I've been watching non stop horror movies and trailers for over a week now so... things get a lil fuzzy.

tommy boy said...

Stephen Dorff, "The Dorfmeister" as I call him, yeah...wheesh. Poor little "midge".

Man, I can't believe it's almost frizzday alreads. Time do fly, don't it

sarah said...

sooo! because of this post i went out and rented the gate and watched it with my friends last night. fucking awesomely bad.