Friday, October 31, 2008

Princesa Oscura

Nothing like a last minute post on the Eve O' the Dead. We just keep coming up with more.
Needless to say, I'm impressed with the overwhelming response we've received from our wicked brethren in HTX. So far this month we've covered TENSE, OWLEYES, and now MKF K√úNST has joined the flock.

This sexy senorita is a pivotal figure in the newly emerging stateside Third Wave movement. Borrowing elements from some of my favorite flexipop groups like Aviador Dro, Crash Course in Science, and Absolute Body Control, she crafts a perfectly spellbinding sound which reinforces the minimal wave aesthetic for the 21st century. Her recent EP release on Cititrax with Medio Mutante is a perfect example of this well informed and excuted marriage of minimal, distilled electro with global Cold Wave appeal. Check out the video for their single"Inestable"

This little chica isn't satisified with just being one of the boys either. Her solo work as Kunst Fascion is equally impressive. She was kind enough to share this newly finished track, just in time for Halloween. Dark, gloomy, and terrifyingly delightful, this song is just right for the night.


As with other contributions from the extended ARAWA family, Mariana submitted a few additional Halloween items to round off our month. I'm really glad she reminded me of one of the best Herzog - Kinski collaborations. The 1979 Nosferatu remake "Phantom Der Nacht" is one of the best vampire stories ever told. Here's a collection of trailers for that film:

It's really freaky how much William Dafoe's character in "Shadow of the Vampire" looked like Klaus Kinski's Nosferatu.


And last but not least, she's leaving us with one of her and our favorite songs ever. This is the perfect 3am Halloween hookup song. It's now or never people. Before you know it, Halloween's over like a flash in the night


robotsluvme said...

man the Flash in the Night track = CHILLZ

Zardoz's Body said...

Not only is this music beautiful. This woman is as well!