Monday, September 17, 2007

Where in the World?

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Who is Carmen? She is an mystery wrapped in an enigma. Then wrapped in a fresh tortilla. I've got two songs here, the first is taken from Bumrocks (I think?) and the second I found on Soulseek. Her music is infectious synth bass boogie funk straight outta the 80's and I need more!

Apparently the French love her, since I did find one French website with photos of her records, (the labels, so of course no photos of the elusive lady) and another French site selling a used copy of Throw Down for 65 euros. No deal. I know there's at least two more songs, "Whos Lovin You" and "You and Me". After that the trail is cold, no info, no photos, no Discogs page etc. So I look to you readers. Anybody know of Carmen? Got MP3's? Photos? Links to cheaper records? If you like these tracks, join the search and share my obsession.

Carmen- Time to Move
Carmen- Throw Down


tinyjams said...

Yeah this is def. awesome. If I discover anything i'll let you know! Where did you even come across these?

le club eskimoo said...

Great post... i'll try to get some informations.

Anonymous said...

You're blow up my spot with this post!

Rare gem. I still have plans to remix this joint, give it some extra bump.

Great post!

- U-Tern

Anonymous said...

don't you think she is this one: well i'm not shure either, but same year, electro... really great post, anyway