Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Germania! (Der Dritte)

Okay, I know Falco's not German, he's Austrian, so let's call this one, Germania: Cheaters Edition. I mean, come on. The song is called Munich Girls. Munich is totally in Germany. Thats also where they have the world's largest Oktoberfest celebration. Oktoberfest is soooo German. AND... Austria is like, touching Germany. Like, right there. So close.

Whatever. I cheated.

I always thought this song deserved to be in a sweet 80's movie. Being that it wasn't, I'll make one up. It's called Revenge of the Nerds V: Go Deutsch. This time around the nerds have to stop an evil millionaire from ruining Oktoberfest (No beer? Gasp!). You've got the idea. Anyway, in the end of the film, Lewis finally wins over the Oktoberfest babe he's had his four eyes on, and the film ends with their happy (and wacky) nuptials. Despite the fact that she STILL doesn't speak english. As their car pulls away from the church she tosses the bouquet in the air and bam! Freeze frame, roll credits and queue this one up...

Falco- Munich Girls

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Anonymous said...

What's up with all the Germania ish lately? Gettin ready for Oktoberfest or somethin or are you spending too much time at the beer haus on Mt. Tam...