Monday, September 10, 2007

Alien Landing

Every now and then, I'll look at my blog visitor map to see what countries you readers are from, and sometimes I'll get a lone visitor from Russia. One lonely speck on a very large piece of Earth. After receiving an email from Alien Delon last week, I'm assuming that lonely speck is probably him.

Alien Delon is a self described, 80's obsessed Moscow native with an innate talent for creating sci fi leaning, nu Italo jams that I get along well with. Aside from his solo work, he is an ex member of Supersonic Future, and has started an untitled band with an unnamed lady, "We have only one track recorded in the studio, something like Adonis' No Way Back with a ChkChkChk style live bass and, yes, Russian lyrics". Umm, that sounds awesome.

Heres what he says about his song Virtual Viktor...
"The song "Virtual Viktor" is created solely on a Nord Modular and a distorted Roland CR-68 drumbox. The voice of Virtual Viktor is only keyboard neo-romantic madness, i only changed the formant and pressure. I hope it may take a place in your sad robot songs collection."

It has.

Alien Delon- Virtual Viktor

Check his myspace for more great tracks including my fave, a melodic italo boogie jam called "Light is On", then tell him he's rad and make friends.

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