Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dear Daniel,

Joe's right. You really are the best around.

Joe Esposito- You're the Best

Fun fact: Joe was one of Giorgio Moroder's many collaborators and even had an entire album together entitled "Solitary Men". Get it? There's two guys... but they're both... aah forget it.


H.M.A. said...

this is about the point where moroder starts to lose me. although it could be because i hate esposito's voice. it's so garishly "rock". you can just see the mullet if you close your eyes....

seandonson said...

Seriously. Solitary Men is a total piece of shit, but I don't think Giorgio had a hand in this particular monstrosity. I just have this twisted love for over the top montage music with that "You can do anything!" attitude. I did have a rather lengthy post about Stan Bush's "Dare"too, which might be worse than this.