Friday, September 28, 2007

Germania! (Der Fünfte)

All good German themed music weeks must come to an end folks, so today I leave you with another Carmen. According to Woebot, Carmen is an ex-member of Die Marinas (see Der Erste) but I'm not sure, being that Discogs doesn't have her listed as a Marina. However she is listed as "featured" on the Dies Doraus Und Die Marinas' album "Tulpen und Narzissen". Aah, who cares. This song is awesome.

Since it was featured on the Munk compiled "Teutonik Disaster" (an essential collection of German oddities) I expect "Schlaraffenland" might be familiar to many. Originally off Carmen's sole (and elusive) album, "Puppe Aus Glas", it has Carmen and an unknown (to me) gentleman trading off vocal duties, over a bouncy rhythm and keys. Schlaraffenland is known as the land of milk and honey in German folklore, a mythical land of plenty, a fitting metaphor for the wealth of amazing German music out there.

Carmen- Schlaraffenland


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