Thursday, September 6, 2007

Frida und Phil

Fridas the shit. Second only to, well, Agnetha. Sorry Frida, Agnetha's got that whole gap tooth thing going. So anyway, take Abba's Frida, throw her in the studio with the one and only Phil Collins and what happens? Magic. Duh. 80's "hard" rock guitars, super tight multitracked harmonies, Phil killin on the drums and production, so hot. And this almost 10 minute mix really prolongs the magic for ya.

Frida- I Know There's Something Going On

I was inspired to post this because of the Cadbury ad with the gorilla. I'm addicted. If y'all haven't seen it, its time.


Anonymous said...

"mainstream" can be so weird. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it!