Monday, September 24, 2007

Germania! (Der Erste)

Welcome to Germania! Fill your steins and heat up that leftover bowl of spätzle because all this week I'll be posting strange and exciting German ditties. Yay!

Die Doraus & Die Marinas is Andreas Dorau, a man with an extensive catalog of out there, awesome music, and Die Marinas, a collective of five singin ladies that must have been put together by Dorau, being that they've only done work with him. I couldn't think of a better track to kick off Germania week here at ARAWA than Blumen Und Narzissen, the title track off their 1981 album. With a melody overflowing with naivete, clickety clack percussion and snappy bass, I just don't know how else to say it. It's cute.

Die Doraus & Die Marinas- Blumen Und Narzissen

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H.M.A. said...

yea! i'm soo excited about german week! sooo oktoberfest-y!

can't wait to see what pops up.