Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Sometimes ARAWA sleeps too deeply and it's beyond my mere human strength to wake it. Luckily Sensus found me today and woke ARAWA, shining it's blacklight in the face of this gentle monster and inviting it skyward and beyond. Welcome to the year 2020.

Ooh. Dramatic.

Sensus- Sensus (12" Version)
Sensus- Sensus (Instrumental)


Corby Tender said...

Total ARAWA theme music. Or if ARAWA was a movie, this would be the scene where the ARAWA ship is preparing and heading for battle. Awesome.

seandonson said...

The pitch for ARAWA the Movie goes like this, "It's Spaceballs meets Meatballs". Green light!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I wanna be there...I mean, both lying on the stage with Sensus, and sitting at the front of the theatre at the premiere of ARAWATM, which makes me think that the Theme Music album should be called ARAWATMTM. Add a TradeMark to that, and we got a deal!

Koop said...

Those guys from Daft Punk must've been only five when this came out. But they were paying attention, that's for sure.

gagsMcgillacuts said...

i want to gooooo hooooome with them!!!whoa whoa YESSSSSS!