Friday, April 18, 2008


I've been totally broadsided by Gesaffelstein. He seemingly came out of nowhere with his dark star of an EP, Vengeance Factory, released quietly in late February on OD records. The four track EP combines the dark undulations of EBM with quirky flourishes of italo, all painted over with a Lifelike-ian sheen and it's really, really awesome.

Here's my favorite of the EP, a slow burner that once it finally reaches the hook with this big growling bass and glorious arpeggios, will have you wondering why this beautiful thing has such an awful sounding name.

Gesaffelstein- Death Fagh

You can buy this entire EP digitally at Juno or for realsies at Clone.

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Anonymous said...

After Vengence Factory on OD Records Gesaffelstein release a new EP on Goodlife called MODERN WALK. Excellent.