Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dream of Neon Cities

Fellow Jon Anderson lover and Sagittarian, Shermstixx emailed me recently to hip me not only to a super trippy Jon Anderson album (Olias of Sunhillow anyone?), but also his own album, Realms of the Electrohesher. It was done solely with two Juno's (D and a G) and beats from a Dr.202 and then recorded onto a 8 track. Old school! Spare drum arrangements, offset with layers and layers of synths, drifting and sparkling through space and time... It's lovely stuff. Think Glass Candy sans vocals, Kraftwerk and a touch of Vangelis with a bit more of a DIY feel. Its been on repeat around ARAWA headquarters and I'm sure you'll soon be enjoying it in your quarters as well.

Shermstixx- Dream of Neon Cities
Shermstixx- Alive Outside of Space and Time

You can download the entire album here for free and if you like it, go to Shermstixx' myspace or blog and donate some cash to the cause.


Corby Tender said...

Feelin' it! Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous stuff! Thanks for sharing.