Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm One!

Sometimes you just need a good kickstart in life. ARAWA has been mine. There's just something about this little place that has really got me going in the past year. I'm not saying I'm there's some great art to what I've been doing here, but it's a channel I've used and that channel has widened and widened, slowly overflowing into other aspects of my life. I feel more open, more creative and am just more productive than I've been in a long time. I really have all of you to thank for that (even the quiet ones). Just knowing that somebody else is having as much fun as I am is enough for me.

So here's a treat to pay back all you little stars that have so brightened my corner of the universe. One of the fantastic folk I've had the privilege to meet through the magic of the interweb is Dream Chimney regular, editmeister extraordinaire, and all around extraterrestrial disco guru, Jaz. Back in November I asked him if he'd do a birthday mix for ARAWA. He happily agreed and asked if I'd hook up a graphic for him. Done and done. And really folks, he did a better mix than I had ever hoped for, an epic 76 minute ride that leaves no disco-stone unturned. From his incredible as-yet-unreleased Bollywood edit "State of Hindipendence" to Robin Gibb robot songs, it's a truly galactic mix that perfectly bridges the gap between our already closely neighboring planets.

JAZ- Bioluminescently
1. Jaz- State of Hindipendence
2. Love International- Airport of Love
3. Marzio Dance- The Adventure
4. Liquid Mask- Just-A-Moment
5. Sylvia Love- Extraterrestrial Lover (Jaz Edit)
6. Massimo Barsotti- Right or Wrong
7. Five Letters- Crazy Man
8. Karen Young- Detour
9. Toto Coelo- Milk from the Coconut
10. Robin Gibb- Robot
11. Who's Who- Dance Dance
12. Shiver- Never Coming Back
13.Phono- Music Is My Sex
14. Neon- Skydiver
15. Vivien Vee- Alright
16. Scotch- Take Me Up
17. Yukihiro Takahashi- Drip Dry Eyes

Be sure to cop Jaz's new 12" Show Me On the Doll featuring four tracks of dusty disco pleasures. Available at Juno, Phonica and Piccadilly. Mines in the mail. I can hardly wait!


le club eskimoo said...

du bon miel pour mes oreilles !
Thanks & happy birthday

John Zahl said...

Happy Birthday ARAWA! This was a fun one to put together. Here's to another year!

Corby Tender said...

Happy Birthday! The mix and the graffic: both arawaesome!

Anonymous said...

feliz cumpleanos ARAWArrrrrrr......
damn sweet sounds, i'de say one year around the sun has really allowed this bud to flower, this cocoon to open, this cell to divide as it were. thanks for all the positivity. I like to start every morning with seandonson and friends, ummm the sounds do taste good with my coffee. nice werks for jaz ma taz tambien!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary of having some sort of creative outlet... I know I speak for more people than myself when I say that this blog is always a joy to look at and listen to... Please keep up the awesome work!

Big thanks to JAZ for this mix too... from the looks, it'll give me a CD-R full of good times while driving around or blasting it at work.

seandonson said...

Thanks so much guys. Yay 4 everybody!

Arawaesome is so my favorite new word.

H.M.A. said...

happy bday sean! so happy for you and glad to be a supporter of your fantabulous collection and blog!

good luck in the year ahead!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, happy birthday and thanks for every piece of love you've given us.

chris keys said...

Happiest Birthday ARAWA
keep doing what you're doing, you're an inspiration to us all - awesome mix from the always happening JAZ man, great graphic and a real pleasure for me to download...

robotsluvme said...

Rad mix!

Here is one I put together with some cosmic/italo as well:

Anonymous said...

Happy belated B-Day!. Beautiful design and great selections, here's to many more!