Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cover #1

I've been meaning to post these three songs for awhile. They're all covers of (mostly) instrumental classics and for whatever reason I have them all grouped together mentally. Most of them are pretty "Italo 101" but they're worth another listen regardless of how many times you've heard them...

No matter how much of a jaded, bearded disco freak you are, I'm pretty sure that somewhere deep inside, you love The Hustle. Sure, it's cheesy, it's played out but come on. When your little sister gets married and you're feelin "a little buzzed", Van McCoy will start up and you'll be out on that floor lookin stupid with everybody else. Don't be embarrassed. Here's a little 1983 update on the classic with a whole lot of that italo warmth, oodles of springy synths and for good measure, a rapper (of the "A rip, a rap, a rippity rap" variety).

Cover #2 tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love love love this.

Tommy said...

I definitely dig it. Great find!