Thursday, January 3, 2008

Deluge Loves (Parentheses)

My girlfriend found the best record of the Amsterdam trip and I'm a little jealous. I found some good stuff and all, but it was mostly albums I've had digitally and finally came up on the vinyl. You know, cool, but nothing new to me. However Jesse was combing through all these 45s and buying whatever had cool looking covers or funny titles because hey, they're cheap and she makes these really awesome calendar books with them. As you can see, the cover's amazing, with it's windblown hair, leather jackets and neon brooms, and it has a funny title, Broom (With Me). It's really good too. Broom (With Me) is an uptempo Ganymed-esque number with some great vocals and spacey synths, but the b-side is where it's really at for me. On Not Easy (To Love) they knock the tempo down to a plodding thump and just get really out there. Let's call it... Cosmicbluesyarenapoprock. Unless you have something better to call it. Here's the whole 45 in nice little zip.


Thanks Jesse. You rule.


John Zahl said...

Great singing on this! -JAZ+

seandonson said...

Yeah, she gets almost Yoko Ono-y doesn't she?


Not Easy (To Love) is one cool track. Nice find.

Italo Elite said...

wauw! and where can we see your girlfiends calendars on the web?
Maybe I want one

post it back please on my blog: cheers from Amsterdam, coincidence or what!

seandonson said...

She's getting together some samples but they should be available in a few months. I'll let you know when it happens Mr. Litter!