Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cover #2

We all know Popcorn right? Written by Gershon Kingsley (or a computer program if you believe the rumors) in 1969, popularized by Hot Butter in '72 and then covered by everyone from Aphex Twin to Crazy Frog (check out this list!) its a instrumental standard. The world of Italo was never one to leave a dead horse alone, so the Magic Men popped up in '83 to give the poor thing another beating. Magic Men was a pseudonym of P.L.R.D. which is itself a pseudonym for the brilliant (and alias happy) Nicolosi brothers, Lino and Pino. How cute is that? Maybe they were twins or something. Anyway, they pull it off. Using their trademark sound they'd later popularize on tracks for Valerie Dore, Domina and Mike Rogers, they create a propulsive track that could almost be some new Kris Menace or Lifelike track. That is, until those little Popcorn blips come in.

Magic Men- Popcorn

Here also is the dub mix which spaces the track out and minimizes the ummm... "popcorning".

Magic Men- Popcorn (Dub)

Third and final cover tomorrow!

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