Friday, November 9, 2007


Rollerboys Recordings. My favorite label out right now. This is a little unfair being they've only released two EPs but hey, they're two for two. First Bogdan Irkuk (whose Coastal EP should be dropping soon. Yay!) and now Ultracity's Swetalic EP. Ultracity is equal parts Elias Raam from Arken (who pulls remix duties on this EP as well as on the Bogdan Irkuk EP) and Yourhighness. The EP features two originals, the aforementioned Arken mix and a really nice Fabrizio Mammarella mix. My favorite is the EP closer, Twelve Year Drive. Its just the most sweet natured song. The kind of song that would just sit still and finish the movie if you nodded off in their lap. It starts off slowly, building off a warm bassline until arpeggios start trickling down from above, washing over you in their shimmering brilliance. So damn pretty.

Ultracity- Twelve Year Drive

Buy it from Clone. I know you want to.


(thee) Mike B said...

Wow... That is really some very good music. I definitely want to take a nap in it's lap.

Anonymous said...

word em up, arawa. if you take a close look at the liner notes for Twelve Year Drive, you will see that Bogdan Irkuk donated rhythm guitar. What he touches turneth to gold.

Anonymous said...

uber beautiful thank you!
Christine Renee

seandonson said...

Of course! Thanks for stopping by Christine!