Friday, November 16, 2007

Great Job.

My girlfriend and I have gone deep down the rabbit hole with Tim and Eric Awesome Show. If you haven't already, join us. Its weird down here.


Corby Tender said...

Hilarious. I think B'Owl is still my favourite.

seandonson said...

You pets will looook at B'Owl.

Corby Tender said...

Ordinary people will put up with B'Owl everyday!
Put B'Owl in the trunk of your car, and forget it!


Anonymous said...

Hello new best friend I've never met.

"Tim and Eric Nite Live" is pure campy goodness too.

- U-Tern

Corby Tender said...

U-Tern, you get Sizzle Points for that link.

seandonson said...

Sizzle points for sure.