Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This is SO my Italo track of the moment. Produced by synth wizard Roberto Ferrante (aka. Pineapples! I love Pineapples!) in 1985 with Clio Bianco of Clio & Kay on vocals, its an exercise in what one should do, if one was to find oneself alone, with a synthesizer, drum machine and rad 80's vocalist.

Clio- Faces

Edit: Just found out The Red Room posted Pineapples today! Go check it out and tell the other Sean I said Hi!


Unknown said...


Super-rad song. I knew this one but didn't know it was the Pineapples guy. Keep it up!


Bobby Breidholt said...

Fantastic tune. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

So nice...been rocking to this for the past 6 wks. or so : >

Angel said...

one of my all time favourites!

Anonymous said...

this track is old but it really sounds like new.

The bassline and synthesizers, vocal effects and lyrics are amazing.

I can listen to this over 100 times and it sounds better everytime!