Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You Got My Soul

Oh the bottomless pit that is Italo. How I love falling in again and again and resurfacing with something this lush and gorgeous. You Got My Soul is like the theme song for an alternate reality version of Twin Peaks. Domina fills in for Julee Cruise and the rest of the regular band at the roadhouse while the clientele's rugged flannels and jeans are mysteriously replaced with brightly covered italian suits and expensive two tone angular dresses. The band strikes up, swaying slowly in time, gazes distant, their sound echoing through the dancehall. You step out onto the floor and under the single blue spotlight you find this melody...

Domina- You Got My Soul


John Zahl said...

This one puts me in heaven a la voyagers: "Distant Planet" mode. The very ultimate, so pure! thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Rad, I was looking for this song and found your site.

Tommy, Michael introduced me to you at the last Darkwave party I djayed.