Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Commune Prog

What do you get when you cross hippie commune dwellers and avante-gard prog? Amon Düül II of course. Perhaps some of the most inventive and inspired krautrockers, Amon Düül II spun an eclectic quilt of psychedelic sounds throughout their decadeish long career (1969-1981).

The jam above best embodies the experimental and raucous energy notable in their performances. I personally like the drugged-out people piled on top of each other next to Rainer Werner Fassbinder lucidly smoking cigarettes. "Mozambique" and "Jalousie" are featured on their 1973 release "Vive La Trance." Though I love both I must say "Jalousie" is ridiculously catchy in an eccentric way. It might be Renate Knaup's delivery, but the song feels like a perpetual climb up a crystal mountain. Highly recommended if you are interested in expanding your german rock consciousness.

Amon Düül II - Mozambique
Amon Düül II - Jalousie


adam said...


seandonson said...

You're meh! Amon Duul rawk!

Jesse said...

meh? So unoriginal...unlike you Bear Baby! Love your tracks so far, especially the Van Dyke Parks number. Its been on heavy rotation. Keep up the good work!

iamroguerthanyou said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you jesse! I really appreciate the kind words. THAT song is in heavy rotation for me as well!


Unknown said...

love all about woman singing jealousy, thanks for this one ..a real discovery to me ..HIGHLIGHT