Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When three lines are drawn in such a way, at perfect and corresponding angles, it makes a shape The strongest shape in nature, one nearly impossible to topple, the triangle. I'd like to introduce ARAWA's third line drawn in the digital sand, Bearbaby. Already a long time blaugh veteran having spent two and a half years over at Disco Workout, I've always looked forward to her selections and words. She's a lady with impeccable taste and a penchant for the strange and awesome which is something that will fit in perfectly around here with us weirdos.

Welcome Bearbaby!

And a track to celebrate new partnerships and friends from the late and great, Jacno...

Jacno- Triangle


Unknown said...

You ROCK my WORLD ... Keep up the good posts!

Sferro said...

Congrats yo.

[uzine] said...

Top Triad ! btw re: Jacno some links to obituaries here: