Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lone Ranger

Serving up a 2 for 1 today in homage to the original saddle sore masked crusader. This first track comes from Miserable Edits Vol. 2, one of the best edit ep's to come out in 2008. Really chill stretched out italo-dubbiness and just a damn fine edit. Like chicken noodle soup for ARAWA's soul

Chris Keane - (The Ballad Of) Lone Ranger [miserablist edit]

and then there's this insanely catchy disco ditty:

Quantum Jump - Lone Ranger

I originally heard this on a DJ Harvey mix and was immediately gobsmacked. It's one of those jams I keep coming back to over and over 'cause I can't get enough. I think I've already posted it everywhere but here, which is just a crying shame. At least it's finally home where it belongs.
Edit's aren't my skill, but I sure wish someone would give this the extended DJ treatment it truly deserves. Let us know if you make that happen ;)


Unknown said...

theres a version of lone ranger on a mix by canyons which is awesome, you can get it from the cool in the pool blog.

Unknown said...

Those guys are cool.

Halli said...


I listened to Lone Ranger and the first thing I thought about was Dr. Alban.

See there's this song on his 'Hello Africa' album called 'Groove Machine 2', and he either samples or chants the chant in the beginning of the Lone Ranger song.

Interesting? Perhaps. I don't know. But you should check it out.

Kieran said...

Agreed on this track, I first heard this on Harvey's mix too... that B-Line is ace!! and the Lyrics pretty funny too.... top track, thanks for sharing the vid