Monday, November 2, 2009

In The River

Speaking of current obsessions, I've been total immersed in Ron Hardy playlists. I came across this dub version of an I-Level track I had never heard and it totally blew me away. It's been on repeat for awhile now. For those not familiar, I-Level was an amazing English R&B group in the early 80's who had some success with hits like Minefield and Give Me and was the predecessor for other successful british groups like Loose Ends, Five Star, and 52nd Street. Like gettting baptized by holy water, this song is a godsend. Thanks Ron for all the sermons, consider me a believer.

I-Level - In The River
I-Level - In The River (12" Remix)
I-Level - In The River (Dub)
I-Level - In The River (Acappella)

And here's a nice video for I-Level's other hit Minefield.

Ok, I felt bad holding out on you. As much as I love the single above, these other 2 hits by I-Level sort of blow the last one out of the water. It's not doing me any good holding on tight to them, so here they are. So groovy

I-Level - Give Me
I-Level - Give Me (UK Remix)
I-Level - Give Me (Extended Vocal)
I-Level - Give Me (3AM Dub)

I-Level - Minefield
I-Level - Minefield (UK 7" Version)


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Love this Tombo.

tommy boy said...

now it's all there. The best of I-Level in my humble opinion, just for you. It's cause I love ya'll