Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Emotional Disguise

Peter Godwin released this New Wave masterpiece in 1982. I first heard the instrumental of "Emotional Disguise" on a Tony Humphries compilation and was totally blown away. While not as well known as his other 80's hits like "Images of Heaven" and "Baby's in the Mountains", this single is equally compelling with it's slightly moody atmosphere, complete with epic synth stabs and latin influences. It also fits really well with other tracks by Endgames, Pete Shelley, and Human League if you were looking for new mix ideas.

Peter Godwin - Emotional Disguise
Peter Godwin - Emotional Disguise (Instrumental)
Peter Godwin - French Emotions

I wanted to post this video for Emotional Disguise, but the killjoys at Universal have blocked the embedding option. What's with that logic? So, how 'bout this neato Spanish cover by Maryta Capote instead.

Maryta Capote - Disfraz Emocional
(pretty compressed version. find me a better one please!!)


nIEL sITT said...

thanks for posting this. heard French Emotions on an archived Liasons D. mix recently... first time visit to arawa.fm but will be back for sure...


giselle said...

Greetings from Mission Control Fort Godwin!

Well, the king of coolness is back with a new band and a new sound to boot. You could visit him at his official website at:



You could visit us at our fan page on facebook:


AND you could also add him at his myspace account:



Let me give you some sample tracks on Peter's new sound:


ALSO, if you have a last.fm account, we are just a click away.


enjoy and hope that we see you there!

...gliding out:-)...any inquiries about Peter or Nuevo...please don't hesitate to get in touch:-)

skyray is love,