Monday, May 25, 2009

Sun Songs Pt. 1

As we enter back into the season of the sun, I begin my musical offerings to you and that warm giver of life, in hopes that in its golden rays we find contentment, warmth and happiness in the coming months. Have a Rad Summer friends.

This one finds you and that special someone, at the tail end of the day, stress and frustrations far behind, enjoying a laugh, a kiss and a warm breeze as the sunset gleams across your eyes.

Starbuck- Sunset Eyes


Jesse said...

I always think of you as the seasons head towards the sun. Looking forward to many a cold beer and even more good tunes with you. (Starbuck is the definition of Rad Caps of course)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I love this guy's voice.

georgie said...

I'm pretty sure you posted this just for me. It has everything I want in a song. Thank you, seandonson.

bearbaby said...

this makes me laugh seriously hahah starbuck IS SO AWESOME CHEESEY. I got my brother into "moonlight feels right" ... another great soft rock classic.