Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mourning Dew

The slow awakening from winter's sleep is giving way to the beautiful awareness of new life and new beginnings. But with this new season comes a sense of dread. Spring cleaning can be quite depressing. Especially on rainy days where time seems to slow down, allowing for long walks down memory lane. There always seems to be a soundtrack for this feeling. Songs that float around in the recesses of your soul, illuminating memories like the dawn's early light refracting in the tears of morning dew. This is one of those songs. Reflective and ethereal, Area's 1990 alum, "Fragments of the Morning" has consistently encapsulated this feeling for me. Here's to sharing a little ray of light for your spring cleaning mix tape. Love ya' kiddos ;)

Area - Puzzle Boy


seandonson said...

Lovely words and song... Thanks Tom.

soundhead said...

This blog is stellar Tommy..... Stellar!


Pablo said...

Can't download