Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dog Day Disco

I've been cleaning out the ol' record bin recently, searching for summer music with the thought that a good playlist should be energetic, but not too uptempo that you loose steam dancing in summer's heat. Considering heatstroke and fatigue are usually a bad look, I felt compelled to cool things off with a refreshing selection of blissfully sluggish, off-disco gems. Inspiration came from many places, but special thanks should go to The Growning Bin for turning me onto Fata Morgana, which has become a new summer standard, and to Jaz for consistently supplying the choicest edits. Oh, I guess while I'm giving shout outs, this also goes out to Mr Donson, fellow arawainian, who's having a summer to remember!!! Let the sun shine in Sean!!!

Tommyboy - Summer Slowdown
(track listing in comment section)


tommy boy said...

01. Tommy Kelvin - Jungle Bow Wow (Miserablist edit)
02. Zinc - Amazon
03. Loud E - Palaza Break
04. Axxess - Pages
05. The Fixx - Reach The Beach
06. Love International - Dance On The Groove
07. Adrian Gurvitz - Borrowed Beauty
08. John Forde - Stardance
09. Richard Schneider Jr. - Golden Blue Ball
10. The Duke Of Burlington - Flash '83 (Dub Version)
11. Florio Time DJ - Time Out
12. Lee Ritenour - Countdown
13. Savage - Only You (Jaz Edit)
14. Altered Images - Jump Jump / Think That It Might (Sequed Dance Mix)
15. Derrick Harriot - Black Skin, Blue Eyed Boys
16. Shina Willaims - Agboju Logun
17. Jaz - Crazy Motion Edit
18. Supermax - Spooky
19. Eric's Friends - Discocaine
20. Robin Gibb - Juliet

Anonymous said...

Cracking stuff Tommmyboy! Can't wait to play this one on a rare warm Irish night...



le club eskimoo said...

perfect as usual... thanks !

peterpdx said...

Thru track 7, it's crackin, thanks for the sweet mix. Peace - Pete

jez said...

this reminds of the time i got laid in the shade. keep on breathing tom. love.

Hiram Blacky said...

Excellent as usual !!! Its going to be great for our "french apertitifs" with a nice glass of Pastis.

Anonymous said...

Dreamy, cosmic, makes me wish I was
dancing to some Italo-disco back in the day!

Keep up the fantastic work!

JSN KWD said...

oh man, this is exactly what i need right now.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Adrian Gurvitz - Borrowed Beauty is a find! Your italo mixes are great, but getting slow is a great idea, too. Thanks-)

Corteza Visual said...

Amazing blog. Love it.

basso said...

Hy Tommy, nice to hear you dig the Fata Morgana LP. Just came here via Kefir and I really dig this place. Will link you up in a second!
Cheers, Basso