Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You Hear Colours

I'm pleased to finally share with you my video for CFCF's new release on Acéphale Records. The video is for the single "You Hear Colours" Read the full review here. This beautifully spaced out, balearic 7" scorcher is limited, so get on it.

I want to thank Patrik over at Acéphale for letting me be a part of this release. The video was a total blast to make, especially with such a great tune to work with. CFCF is certainly a talent to keep an eye on! Enjoy the viddie kiddies!!!


Sydney Web Design said...

Thanks for the great tracks, I think I'm gonna start following CFCF!

Scot said...

I love your videos. Great work!

Renzo said...

fantastico, as usual.

Athena Kay said...

nice, i'm really liking CFCF

Anonymous said...

Cool track, cool video.

uncle mike said...

superb video!

PJ said...

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner,


great choice

it works well

Anonymous said...

Tons of digital distortion when the guitar plays stops me from enjoying it properly.

Don't know whether it's the mp3 rip or bad mastering. Shame.

Winnie Cooper said...

fkn Rad. dig it

Digital My Ass said...

that's a sample of Kate Bush's "running up that hill" isn't it?

awesome track /video!

lucindacasual said...

perfetto, tommy

Marye said...

Cette vidéo est tout simplement géniale.
J'aime beaucoup ce morceau de CFCF, merci d'avoir réussi à réaliser une vidéo qui s'accorde totalement avec l'univers de cette chanson.
Félicitations pour le travail que tu as effectué.

Anonymous said...

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