Monday, March 2, 2009


I know theres a vast eastern European disco/new wave sound I have yet to discover. What I have found is impressive. Rewarding little treasures, impossible to pronounce and completely irresistible. I can't get these songs out of my head. Like Denis & Denis, a Croatian new wave duo whose 1984 album "Cuvaj" featured this haunting and addictive synthpop melody.

Denis & Denis - Telefon

I could totally get into more of this. For now, youtube seems is the best way to find these rare gems. Enjoy the video arawans!


seandonson said...

This is incredible Tommy. Super soft and warm. Like a teddy.

Starblind said...

Denis & denis were huge! I'm from croatia, and i can recall how Marina Perazic was total sex goddess in ex-Yugoslavia. The biggest hit was "Program tvog kompjutera" witch was made ages before nerdy sexiness and cyber-sex. Marina nowadays is competitioner of celebrity reality show called "Farma" (Farm) were is tortured by ascetic village lifestyle. Pitty, she doesn't look like that goddess anymore.

Anonymous said...

nice! you can also try Zana - Dodirni mi kolena, possibly one of the biggest and most well-known hits of that era in ex-Yugoslavia. or Sladjana Milosevic - Miki, Miki. you've proly seen them on youtube by now, if you're interested in this. however, a personal favourite which i'd highly recommend: polish band called Bajm and the song "Co mi panie dasz". recently covered by Aleks & the Drummer, both the cover and the original are quite awesome.

Unknown said...

I took a trip to Croatia a few years ago and picked up a Denis & Denis record. It was one of the only Croatian records I could find that sounded like something I was into, but I didn't have that much time to dig around. This track makes me think I need to dig it up and give it another listen, great stuff.

Zardoz's Body said...


dario.zg said...

cool! Yep, Denis & Denis were famous then...As mentioned tracks from D&D, there was also another artist, most likely, demo band called SS Energy from Denis Curman as a producer and Nina as a singer. They held a concert at the Hague in the 80's (Marcello & Co).
Ok, it has nothing with D&D except that they are from the same country (Croatia)/ but they were more closer to Italo Disco; Denis also made some productions for well known artists in Italo;
so if somebody's interested, look here, at my friend's blog;

Bye & regards,