Monday, March 9, 2009

This Man

This 1980 space oddity by Phill & The Friends is pure gold. I first heard this song on Daniel Baldelli's cosmic compilation and then mentioned on Dream Chimney by Jaz. While searching for a youtube reference I realized no one had posted it yet. Feeling like it was prime for some video treatment, this little montage came to mind. I hope I did justice to this little nugget of cosmic bliss. Enjoy

Phill & Friends Band - This Man


Anonymous said...

Great post, thank you.

Taylor and Alex said...

i just peed a lil

Jude said...

love this track, people lose their damn minds when I spin this out.

aneet said...

Hey great post and great tune! Both are so good that I am including 'This Man' on my new mixtape and I've added your utterly fantastic site as a link to mine (hope you don't mind). Phew! (Also, i loved your Bagarre post from a waaay back) a x

Poppe1 said...

Great track
nice video also