Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Want To Go To There

Discoring was the shiznit on Italian TV in the late 70s, early 80s from what I can see on youtube. I wish there was a rerun channel like VH1 classics somewhere here in the states. This intro sequence from Discoring uses entrancing imagery from italian discos complimented with the classic Gepy & Gepy track "Body to Body". Sometime in my life, I want to dance in a setting just like this. Help me make it happen ;)

I'll leave you with this amazing dub edit by Beat Broker who makes a great song even better! Another quality edit by the master

Gepy & Gepy - Body to Body (Beat Broker Intro Disco Dub)

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Paul said...

Nice Edit of a track will have to track down the original - I "African Love Song" Just stumbled across your blog today and loved checking a lot tracks. Some new and some I hadn't heard of for a long time and my vinyl it is far away. Many Thanks