Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Captain Starlight


here's the full 11 minute version of this classic in all it's glory

Zazu - Captain Starlight


H.M.A. said...

omg. I totally forgot you changed addresses and took you off my fave links! you're back on now!

do you have the full 10 minute version with the string quartet intro and outro?!!?!? AMAZING!

xo. glad your still around!


seandonson said...

Lovin this Tommy. The strings are too too lovely.

Trag said...

This is amazing. I didn't know it before but now I have another record to find. Thanks

Anonymous said...

man! didnt expect the non english version. that could be the cheeseiest video ever. ACE!

Anonymous said...

this is SOOO kinetic.

what would WE DO without space disco?!

Anonymous said...

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