Thursday, February 26, 2009

ARAWA Stimulatin' Mixin'

A few months ago PLAIDMUSIC asked me to submit a guest mix to their excellent blog. It's been enough time now that I'd like to share it with all of you. If you want to see the tracklist, it'll be in the comment section

Tommyboy - Stimulation

PS> I just wanted to let everyone know we've added a new mix section in the far right nav bar. If you've missed out on any of these excellent selections, here's your chance to catch up. Happy listening


tommy boy said...


01 Thompson Twins - Beach Culture
02 Pure Energy - Love Game (H-Track edit)
03 I.M.S. - Love Games
04 Blackway - New Life
05 Neon - My Blues Is You (Slow Dub)
06 Shock - Angel Face
07 Brooklyn Express - Change Position (1988 mix)
08 Rosebud - Have a Cigar
09 Black Devil Disco Club - With Honey Cream
10 Roberto De Simone - Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie
11 Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Are Sealed (H-Track edit)
12 Supercharge - I Think I'm Gonna Fall In Love
13 Virgo - Myspace
14 Rodney Baker - House Gril (Serge & Tyrell Edit)
15 Boys Inc - Melody Man (Minimal Spooky Noodles Edit)
16 Elektrik Dred - Butter Up (Instrumental)
17 Jungle Wonz - the Jungle
18 Tarot - Tarot Suite
19 Thompson Twins - Love On Your Side (Q&A edit)
20 World Premiere - Share The Night
21 R.A.F - Self Control
22 Billy Thorpe - Stimulation
23 Electric Mind - Summing Up

jez said...

okay everyone - defuse!

Same Desire said...

Never commented on Tommyboy's mixes...i can only say that they are, as inspired as his video work... the man is a genius.

Anonymous said...

have to agree: all of your work are amongst the best mixes i ever heard. especially running love down. thanks-)