Sunday, March 23, 2008

Toshi's Battle

Tensnake is a busy man lately. Following his three superb EPs last year, he's starting this year strong with his remix of Italo classic Fuerza Major by Camaro's Gang (incredible!), a nice rework of Alexander Robotnick's Disco Sick and his upcoming mix Sally Shapiro. He's constantly reworking the constraints of house and techno using the tools handed down by the Italo gods of legend and I for one am in love. Here's one to set you down his path if you're not travelling it already.

Tensnake- Toshi's Battle
(from 2006's Restless EP)

When those helium pumped vocals hit around 1:45... watch out.


Anonymous said...

That is a fucking rip off. That song was out in the 80s and he has done practically nothing to it.

Fuck you tensnake.

seandonson said...

Jeez man... did Tensnake tease you in grade school or something?

Would love to hear the song you're referring to, what is it?

Anonymous said...

The guy did NOTHING to the track. He didnt even sample it. He put his name on it.

There is a side by side comparrison here which I made:

The original is the first track.

The original track I have on an ancient 80s disco DJ mix, but I'm not sure who did it yet. I will find out eventually and let you know.
I am also planning on contacting someone at Mirau records about this.

seandonson said...

Now you've got me curious... anyway you could send a copy of the tape my way? Or the cover? Maybe I could aid you in the search.

Anonymous said...

hahaa... hilarious man. would also be really interested in hearing the "original".
you just posted his track again...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, the 80s DJ set was downloaded off some blog. All I know is it was called "This is Disco". I am doing my best to get to the bottom of this.

I have emailed Tensnakes (Hamburg based) label Mirau asking for credits to the track. I am also trying to get in touch with Tensnake.

Feel free to lend a hand guys. Do a bit of googling and come back here if you find anything.

"Footsteps on the floor" isnt giving me much on google, however I will nail this one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

lol... nice one sherlock! the mp3 mix was tagged as "80s disco mix"? ugh uh... i think you got him