Monday, March 17, 2008

Rough Cuts

Growing up my favorite radio station was always Q1047. It was mostly hip hop and RnB and since it was based in the Ventura/ Oxnard area in southern California it had a heavy latin influence. Lots of freestyle and latin rap... Wait haven't I already said all this before? Actually, yeah I did. Go here for a little freestyle/Miami Bass mix I'm pretty proud of and more Q1047 musings. Plug plug. Anyway, one of my favorite latin rappers (not that there were a lot to choose from) was Kid Frost, the creator of this low ridin superjam here...

More recently though I learned that not only was he a early 90's latin kingpin, but he was also a mid 80's electro breakdance rapper and a card carrying member of Uncle Jamm's Army. Here's a couple jams for you pop to but just be careful with your back okay? We're not as young as we used to be.

Kid Frost- Terminator (Vocal Mix)
Kid Frost- Terminator (Instrumental)
(featured on IF's Mixed Up In the Hague Vol. 2)

Kid Frost- Rough Cut (Dance Mix)
Kid Frost- Rough Cut (Instrumental)
(with scratches by Yella of NWA fame!)

C-Jam & Kid Frost- Commando Rock (Battle Mix)
C-Jam & Kid Frost- Commando Rock (Vine Street Mix)
(nothing extra to say about this one!)


Timothy said...

definitely familiar with "la raza", but never knew he made early 80s jams, let alone that I-F plugged it. sooo rad, big thanks on this.

seandonson said...

Nada problema!

Scott said...

Some choice selections there, been after 'Terminator' for what seems like years after hearing it on I-F's mix, so cheers for that!*!
You might want to check out NWA's 'Something 2 Dance 2' which is tacked on the end of the extended version of 'Straight Outta Compton' LP. I know what you might be thinking, but it's nothing like the rest of the album, it's such a funky electro-ish number that won't fail to get you smiling!*! Trust me on that!*!

tommy boy said...

wasn't ice-t the rapper on these?

seandonson said...

No Ice-T here though they do have some striking similarities. Kid Frost's wikipedia even says he named himelf as an homage to the Ice-man himself.

tommy boy said...

thats for clearing that up for me. i had that confused for a while now.

tommy boy said...

meant to say thanks, oops

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seandonson said...

Wow! A whole blog about the smartphone! Finally.

That might be the most darling spam comment ever. A hug.

Ollie Size 13 said...

Oh snap, that's some West Coast gold right there. Good looking out Sean!

(thee) Mike B said...

That post rocks my whole world... legit DRIVE BY BANGERS shit right there.