Monday, March 24, 2008

No Paradise

ARAWA friend Weird Tapes sent over this edit awhile back and I got so caught up in loving it that I forgot to share it with everyone else. Shame on me. Here he pulls the tempo up, adds a wall of synths and recasts Hail Social's (the primary project of Mr. Tapes) newly released, No Paradise as the euphoric boogie monster of the future. What I just said may not make sense, but who cares... this is Philadelphia French touch!

Hail Social- No Paradise (Weird Tapes Edit)

The new Hail Social EP includes three new tracks and one new remix by Discodust faves Hot Pink Delorean. You can purchase shiny new digital copies of all four right here at Amazon and find more tracks and mixes are available at Weird Tapes' myspace and the Hail Social blog. Hook it up and find there is a paradise after all.


bcuz said...

Glad you got around to posting this - it's super-awesome.

okay_awright said...

incredibly catchy! thanks for sharing this