Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jewel of the Black Sea

Ahh Rollerboys Recordings. A label packed with more shimmer and glimmer than a sequined solar system. With their third release, they return to the man who introduced us to the Rollerboys style, Bogdan Irkuk. True to the label's output quality, his Coastal EP does not disappoint. Bogdan has crafted a warm, lush and cohesive work with healthy doses of vocoder and glittering synths. What else could you want? A whole album? Actually, that should be coming soon. His as yet untitled debut album should be dropping sometime this spring. Rad.

Bogdan Irkuk A.K.A. Bulgari- Jewel of the Black Sea

Purchase the whole beautiful thing, including three other originals and a stellar remix by Ultracity at Clone.

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