Thursday, February 28, 2008

Germania! (Der Neunte)

The title translates to "coldly like ice" but alas, a Foreigner cover this isn't. Instead we get a pretty powerful bit of synthpop, the kind of song that would work wonders in a movie montage. I see Kristi getting her choreography together for her big performance, the performance that's going to change everything. She's all leg warmer's and lycra, kicking and twirling in the dance studio mirror, her mind spinning with flashback's of the only man she ever loved, her dance partner, a man she drove away with her fierce sense of competition and seemingly harmless lies. Now Kristi will have to dance this dance alone. Or will she?

Kristi Kara- Kalt Wie Eis

See you tomorrow for a special treat on the last day of Germania!


Corby Tender said...

She will and she will win. I've never heard German sound so purtty.

Anonymous said...

This is hot. Really i just love it. And while listening to this I can't help thinking of that damn lycra on her german body. Yikes!

seandonson said...

Its okay Vic. We all think of lycra sometimes.