Friday, October 26, 2007

Weird Tapes

My god, it took me forever to get around to this one. Weird Tapes sent me a few songs and mixes over the past few months and though I've enjoyed all, I've posted none. Things change now.
Weird Tapes is Dayve Hawk's (the mastermind behind Philadelphia band Hail Social) solo side project. Hail Social is getting a lot of deserved exposure lately (what with their newly released album, Modern Love and Death and remixes by Eli and Sta) but this stuff is much more my speed. A mix of late nineties filter house, Avalanches style sampadelica, a little disco, a little 80's. You know the deal. Grab these two, then head over to his Myspace to check his new tracks "Glorious" and "Nikki" (my favorite yet). Unfortunately Weird Tapes has no plans to release any of this music commercially but... maybe we can change his mind?

Weird Tapes- Heavens
Weird Tapes- Party Trash

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Mike B said...

This shit is pretty awesome... especially the hipster disco g-funk.