Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mirror, Mirror

I just figured out how to pronounce Moev's name. I've been saying Mo-ev, but its one syllable, like "mauve" but with a long "O". Got it? Now you can sound all on top of your 80's Canadian synthpop. Moev has had many incarnations but the original lineup with Madeleine Morris is my favorite. Unfortunately she left the band after the 1982 release of their fantastic first album, "Zimmerkampf", and in my opinion, the band suffered from her absence. Here's the maxi version of their first single "Cracked Mirror". This version beefs up the drums and gives it a much more Kraftwerky sound and feel, while bringing Madeleine up higher in the mix. Good call. She really kills it.


Scot said...

Love the new!! My friend Matthew is the guest on Bumrocks this week. Check it out if you haven't already. I wouldn't even know about Bumrocks if it wasn't for you.

(thee) Mike B said...

The new shit is xxxtra fresh... Maybe we can collabo on a fresh look for MBVSDG?

seandonson said...

MBVSDG2.0? Lets do it.