Thursday, October 25, 2007


I know I know. All this remodeling and like... no songs. I'm that kind of guy, that once I sit down to play some video games, I spend half my time making sure my character looks awesome. Anyway, alot was bothering me about the last layout, too long to load, some people had some problems with it on Safari, blah blah blah. So today ARAWA goes more minimaler.

I like rainbows.

Already changed it again. Can't keep up can ya?

Soraya is Soraya Kaci on vocals (Cant find anything else on her) with the prolific Bernard Torelli (Venus Gang, Rockets, Visitors) and extra prolific J.P. Massieri (Visitors, Venus Gang). They released their only record entitled "Disco Star" in 1978, an album with some definite problems but this song makes it all okay. Its very similar in tone to the Lucrethia and the Azoto 14008 track, "Hey There" I posted about two months back. The singer sounds great, all echoey and disconnected, floating atop big strings, blips and bass. And seriously! The bass player goes nuts! Solos, slaps, envelope filters, the whole nine! The whole band kills it, trust me.

Soraya- If

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