Sunday, January 21, 2007

Roedelius is a musician/composer who has worked with Brian Eno and Conny Plank among many others. Despite the fact that he has a gigantic catalog, unfortunately most titles are difficult to track down (at least for me). This is Wenn Der Sudwind Weht, the first track of his 1981 album of the same name. Its a beautiful immersive track of warm analog noodling (that sounds so dirty) perfect for a slow psychedelic Sunday.

Roedelius- Wenn Der Sudwind Weht

Concentrick is a side project of Tim Green of The Fucking Champs, otherwise known as The Bay Area Riff Machine. Not really. The 2002 album Luciddreaming is an all out balls to the wall um... krautrock/newage/vangelisandjeanmicheljarreandbrianeno jammingonvicodin kind of affair. New albums by Concentrick and Fucking Champs coming this year. Check em out.

Concentrick- Secret in the Shallows and the Sky

Sugar Yoshinaga of Buffalo Daughter and Yoshimura Yuka of OOIOO combine forces for Metalchicks. Their new album St Wonder came out last year and parts have been part of my steady diet. Theres metal, electro, some ren faire type stuff, blah blah blah. Its all over the map is what Im sayin. The Banquet Over Memory of My Mother rolls with the rest of the post while St. Wonder (Theme Of St. Michael) builds on a organ loop, adds angelic choral vocals and then explodes into breakbeat powermetal complete with cowbell and squalling guitar all in one 9 minute epic. Something that leaves you dazed and smiling through a mouthful of blood. Eww.

Metalchicks- The Banquet Over Memory of My Mother
Metalchicks- St Wonder (Theme of St Michael)

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